100+ Instagram Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2023

Written by:
Johnny Walker
Narrated by:
Myriam Berger

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Release Date
January 2024
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Are you marketing on the world’s third most-used social platform? These Instagram statistics can help you shape your strategy.
Instagram evolves so quickly, we’re practically dizzy watching the changes. In 2023 alone, features shifted and warped at a staggering speed as Insta tried to keep pace with the ever-changing expectations of its users (or capitalize on an opportunity).
Chasing platform updates from Meta—Instagram’s parent company—is a fool’s errand. If Instagram is part of your social media marketing or advertising strategy, ground your plans in hard data, not think pieces. These numbers prove exactly where Instagram is at this moment in time, which hopefully will also give you a hint as to where the social behemoth is going from here.
Read on to find compelling Instagram statistics that paint a picture of the platform’s strengths (and weaknesses). Dig in to find the truth beneath all the headlines so your team can create a game plan to make the most of the ‘gram.
Ready to dive into the world of Instagram?
Before we plunge into 2023’s Instagram statistics, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.
Remember last year? Instagram supercharged its offerings for creators. Achievement badges, subscription options, and creator portfolios? Yep, they did that. 
But hold on… 2023 started with a bang! Enter “Broadcasting Channels”.
And just when you thought they were done, along came Instagram Threads, taking on Twitter. 
Bold move!
And guess what?
A jaw-dropping 100 million signups in just five days, according to a tracker.
Now, for the brands out there… With revamped Reel features, there’s a fresh playground. Think bigger reach, better engagement, and thriving communities. 
Understanding these statistics is crucial for marketers striving for a stronghold in 2023. Let this compilation of over 100+ Instagram statistics be your guiding star, paving the way to amplify your brand’s presence this year.
Let’s dive right in!
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