100 Rules for Entrepreneurs: Real-Life Business Lessons

Written by:
Neil Lewis
Narrated by:
Bob Sinfield

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2013
5 hours 9 minutes

100 Rules for Entrepreneurs covers every aspect of business from the entrepreneur's point of view. Unlike other guides it avoids mere theorising. Instead, everything is tackled in light of the realities of business in the 21st century, and through the lens of serious entrepreneurial experience.

The rise of regulations, the impact of competition and the growth of globalisation means that start-ups have to be more flexible and robust than ever before in order to prevail. Mindful of this, Neil Lewis provides practical and original advice on:

- how to properly measure profit - and what a really sustainable business looks like (and how it can be grown)
- how to handle recruitment - and not only why freelance is the future, but how best to take advantage of it
- how to manage your management team, set effective goals for your business and prevent the rot from setting in
- the best time to sell your business (and how best to do it).

He also brings to bear his experiences on dealing with dividends, shareholders and other advanced aspects of running a start-up.

Accessible and memorable - counterintuitive at times, at times reassuringly simple; refreshingly realistic throughout - 100 Rules is the ultimate companion for today's entrepreneur. It is the direct and hard-earned wisdom of an entrepreneur who has seen it all: the giddying heights of reaching a £12m valuation in eight years from a simple start in a back bedroom with a computer and £2,000; the dizzying descent of losing it all in two, and the work required to pick up and start, successfully, again.
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