50 Classic Horror Short Stories, Vol. 2 (Unabridged)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
24 hours 35 minutes

The Imp of the Perverse [Poe],
The Devil in the Belfry [Poe],
The Crawling Chaos [Lovecraft],
Aunt Joanna [Sabine Baring-Gould],
The Outsider [Lovecraft],
The Hound [Lovecraft],
The Disinterment [Lovecraft],
The Horror At Martin's Beach [Lovecraft],
The Tree On The Hill [Lovecraft],
The Outgoing of The Tide [John Buchan],
The Curse of Yig [Lovecraft],
The Haunter Of The Dark [Lovecraft],
Berenice [Poe],
The Angel Of The Odd [Poe],
Black Ram [Baring-Gould],
The Cask Of Amontillado [Poe],
Dracula's Guest [Bram Stoker],
The Mother Of Pansies [Baring-Gould],
On The Leads [Baring-Gould],
McAlister [Baring-Gould],
Mustapha [Baring-Gould],
The Ghost and the Bone-setter [Le Fanu],
The Drunkard's Dream [Le Fanu],
The Novel of the White Powder [Arthur Machen],
The Merewigs [Baring-Gould],
XĂ©lucha [Matthew Phipps Shiel],
Solange [ Alexandre Dumas],
The Fall of The House of Usher [Poe],
The Assignation [Poe],
The Thousand-and-Second Tale of Scheherazade [Poe],
Laura Silver Bell [Le Fanu],
Descent Into The Maelstrom [Poe],
The Power of Darkness [ Edith Nesbit],
An Authentic Narrative of A Haunted House [Le Fanu],
The Night Wire [H. F. Arnold],
The Dualists [Bram Stoker],
Stories of Lough Guir [Le Fanu],
The Vision of Tom Chuff [Le Fanu],
The Three Strangers [Thomas Hardy],
Crooken Sands [Bram Stoker],
The Cairn of the Headland [Robert E. Howard],
The Shining Pyramid [Arthur Machen],
Schalken The Painter [Le Fanu],
Hellhound Of The Cosmos [Clifford Donald Simak],
Ibid [Lovecraft],
The Grove Of Ashtaroth [John Buchan],
The Moon Bog [Lovecraft],
An Account of Some Strange Disturbances [Le Fanu],
Ultor De Lacy A Legend of Cappercullen [Le Fanu],
The Red Hand [Arthur Machen] Starts at Chapter 50,
The Inmost Light [Arthur Machen] Starts at Chapter 52.
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