Accidental AF

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
7 hours 2 minutes
The joke's on Kash Samuels when he stumbles into a bar called NOPE, looking for warmth and a working phone, only to get caught in the middle of a fight. Next thing you know, he's got weird appendages popping up all over the place . . . a fin here, a lock of pink hair there, a mangy tail somewhere else.

Maybe he actually fell asleep in his car and the exhaust fumes made him loco. It's the only way to explain the insanity that ensues when he finds himself surrounded by a group of stunning ladies claiming to be paranormal beings, along with their entourage of demon, zombie, and troll butler/chef. And let's not even discuss the line around the block of other supernatural species, each hoping to claim Kash as their own.

Oh, and one totally crush-worthy human scientist. A woman Kash is falling for more every day. Too bad she's keeping him at arm's length-and in the dark about her own health, even as she works day and night to help Kash control his body.

For Kash, who's always wanted a family after growing up in the system, just him and his brother against the world, this kind and crazy group may not be the family he envisioned . . . but they're the family you need when you're Accidental AF!
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