The Accidental Gargoyle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
3 hours 58 minutes
As a one-time OOPs employee, Ingrid Lawson has seen plenty of paranormal accidents. But witnessing and experiencing are two different things, and she's perfectly fine being a plain ol' human. So when her ex-boss Nina schleps her around to estate sales, where she purchases two of the butt-ugliest gargoyles in existence to decorate her hedge maze . . . what happens next is stone-cold cuckoo.

Suddenly, Ingrid's beloved career as an animal therapist is on hold as Nina, Wanda, Marty, and the OOPs gang help her navigate a rocky new life as a nocturnal paranormal with big horns, bigger ears, and an aversion to sunlight. Oh, and there's the inconvenient matter of attraction to the man who turned her . . . who's so familiar . . . And did we mention the screeching harpies hellbent on getting their hands on her?

It's all hands on deck to keep Ingrid alive until the danger passes, but throw in an old enemy they never saw coming, and her case just may be the hardest yet!
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