Accidental Renegade

Accidental Renegade

Written by:
Zachariah Dracoulis
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
3 hours 29 minutes
Action. Drama. Inappropriate comedic timing. The road trip of a lifetime.

After a mission gone wrong, Marchosias, a Fallen Angel, lands on Erica Llewellyn's property and she's left with a choice; help him get home, or let the Demon summoning warlocks take him.

For her the answer is simple, but as she soon she gets out on the road she discovers that dealing with an Angel who spends most of his time listening to the hits of the 70's and killing warlocks isn't exactly all fun and games.

Things for Marchosias are arguably harder as he quickly discovers that as much of an Angel as he was he's now bound by the rules of being mostly human which means eating, sleeping, and having to deal with the most dreaded things of all, feelings.

Experience the world through the eyes of Erica and Marchosias as they're forced to adapt to the dire situation they've found themselves in or face their shared doom while struggling to squeeze in a joke.
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