Accidentally Yours

Written by:
Ilsa Ames
Narrated by:
Troy Duran , Jillian Macie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
5 hours 56 minutes
It's all supposed to be pretend. Get fake married, have a kid, prove I can have a family, and I get a billion-dollar inheritance from the father I always hated.

It's all pretend, until I say 'I do.' And suddenly, I don't want sweet, innocent, sassy little June 'just for now.' I want her forever.

We're supposed to play the part for the cameras and the lawyers. I'm not supposed to fall for her. I'm not supposed to want her like this. I'm not supposed to totally lose myself in claiming her body, and possessing her, and just wanting more of her.

We faked it at the altar. But there's no faking it in the bedroom. It's all supposed to be pretend. But once I get my hands on her, she'll know I'm playing for keeps.

I'm her first. She'll be my last. She'll be my everything, forever, even if she doesn't know it yet.

This was all about the money at first. Now, it's all about her.

Contains mature themes.
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