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Across a Billion Years

Written by:
Robert Silverberg
Narrated by:
Alex Knox

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 57 minutes
A team of space archaeologists makes an astonishing discovery about an ancient alien race in this science fiction tale from 'a master of his craft' (Los Angeles Times).

Graduate student Tom Rice is thrilled to embark on his first deep-space archeological expedition. He is part of a team from Earth, venturing out in search of artifacts from a civilization that ruled the universe many millennia ago. Called the High Ones, the members of this long-gone society left tantalizing clues about their history and culture scattered throughout space. One such clue, a 'message cube' containing footage of the ancient ones, is more interesting than all of the others combined. It seems to indicate that the High Ones aren't extinct after all-and just like that, Tom Rice's archeological mission has become an intergalactic manhunt, one filled with ever-increasing danger that will send the explorers hurtling headlong into the greatest adventure-and peril-of their lives.
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