Written by:
Cathy Macrae
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
2 hours 17 minutes
Adam Patrick Gordon is a ghost of Culloden’s battlefield. Tormented by unfinished business which he believes led to his wife’s death while he was away at war, he can find no peace. Will a chance at redemption and the right to speak his mind to Prince Charlie be the balm he needs? Or will he exchange his boon for one more day with his sweet Mairi?

One of the unlucky few from the Glenbucket Brigade who fell at Culloden Moor on that fateful day in April, 1746, Adam has spent three hundred restless years riddled with guilt over the note he received the night before the battle. When offered a chance to do a good deed and end his unhappy existence haunting the moor, will he accept the terms?

This heart-warming story of Adam’s redemption will have you reaching for the tissues as you cheer him to his happy-ever-after.
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