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Alien Bride

Written by:
Tracy Lauren
Narrated by:
Noelle Bridges , Mason Lloyd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
9 hours 44 minutes
Alessandra Kennedy wakes up to a veritable hell, locked in a cage and held captive by aliens. But her greatest fear is of what lies beyond those cell doors. What horrors will the new life beyond her prison have to offer? She imagined every worst case scenario and all the horrible things that might await her, but never once did she imagine she would become an alien's bride. The strange new culture that takes her in certainly does things differently than humans. Will she be able to get through the time she shares with her alien husband (without arguing) for long enough to make it home? Or will she lose her heart somewhere along the way?

Kye Amara, the rich and cocky diplomat, has always had everything at his disposal: money, women, success. But when a neighboring government tries to impress him with a gift of five beautiful slaves he finds himself drawn to one of them. Quickly this human tears down everything Kye thought he knew about himself, challenging him in a way he has never experienced before. Has Kye Amara finally met his match? And will he be able to prove he is man enough for his alien bride?

Contains mature themes.
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Jade Shaw

Everybody sucks. The female lead was oblivious to anyone's feelings but her own most of the time and then she accused and berated the male lead for doing the same thing. she lost her temper at every single thing the guy did and stayed mad at him even when it was clear it was just a cultural misunderstanding. She's so hung up on her own interpretations on other cultures that she just takes her own views of different situations and decides that she's right even when she's wrong, then she gets mad when proven otherwise. She never asks for clarification on things and just basically goes around yelling the entire book. At the same time, the male lead doesn't bother even trying to explain anything to her until halfway through the book and even then he leaves important details out. He's full of himself and believes that she should just automatically understand his culture. Whenever she doesn't understand, he just assumes she's too primitive to comprehend. He's sneaky and conniving in his dealings with her and basically expects her to eventually just give in and give her everything. Overall it's just very frustrating to listen to. I kind of wanted to just smack them both. Both very unlikable characters.

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Gabrielle H.

Female lead is very infuriating; I couldn’t keep reading.

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Ashante Williams

This one was ok but I liked the first one better. I think it had something to do with the fact that these are new characters from the ones we met in the first book and we don't actually see them until towards the end of the book. This story was also slow starting.. it took awhile to get into the plot. Hopefully the next one the series will be much better.

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Christina D.

Loved it!! This is one of those books that I would buy to listen to over and over. I learned a new fact about the Mona Lisa and laughed out loud more times then I could count. The narration is great. Fantastic storyline! A woman stolen from earth is taken as a slave, then given as a gift. She is put in 'temporary housing' until the case against the slavers are brought to trial, but finds that she has been taken as a wife instead. It catches your attention from start to finish.

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April B.

the book is good but has about 3 hours too much filler in my opinion

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good series

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