All It Takes Is a Goal: The 3-step Plan to Ditch Regret and Tap into Your Massive Potential

Written by:
Jon Acuff
Narrated by:
Jon Acuff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
5 hours 38 minutes
When New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff got curious about tapping into his full potential, he launched a research study with Dr. Mike Peasley. They asked more than three thousand people if they felt they were living up to their full potential.
Fifty percent of people reported that 50 percent of their full potential is untapped.
That means half of us are walking around with half-lives. No wonder Twitter is so grumpy.
Imagine if every Christmas you only opened up half your gifts. You could see the rest—a whole pile of them in the corner of the room—but you never got to open them.
Would that make for a happy Christmas, a happy house, a happy job, a happy anything?
It wouldn’t, but what if it didn’t have to be that way?
What if you could have a fulfilling career?
What if you could enjoy a thriving marriage and strong friendships?
What if you could be in the greatest shape of your life?
What if each day felt like a gift and each year progressively got better?
What if you could use a single piece of paper to learn from your past, enjoy your present, and prepare your future?
What if you could escape the Comfort Zone, avoid the Chaos Zone, and live inthe Potential Zone?
That would be the best.
And what if all it takes is a goal?
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Great book! The narration was good as well...Jon reading sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog is telling me about goals

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Karen D.

Another Acuff masterpiece! I love it when the author reads their own audiobook. I love the audio bonuses as well! Jon is an expert at addressing what I am thinking - excuses and obstacles and provides practical tools to overcome those internal objections. The content! ALL the massive amounts of nuggets in this book is why I also bought the hard copy. I knew I would need to take notes...and review...and show others. Awesome moments list, easy & middle goals...all the nuggets - "for me"....this doesn't work for me...and then go find what DOES! Thank you Jon for this gift of a message. You have found the gift for the niche God gave you and I feel so blessed to benefit from it! - Karen Mutnansky

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Excellent book as always!

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Brigid C.

I really enjoyed hearing the book in the author’s own voice. The audiobook extras were a great value add.

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Very practical and useful—and a great read

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Diane C.


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Barb C.

I have enjoyed all of Jon’s books but this one is my favorite! I bought the Kindle edition as well and now that I’ve finished listening to it I’m going to read it and take lots of notes. I’m probably also going to buy a printed copy when it’s available in paperback so I can go through it with a highlighter (yellow, of course!). I can’t wait to start implementing everything, starting with the Best Moments list, and overcoming my Vision Wall. I can’t wait to start operating in my full potential!

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A fantastic book, and even more enjoyable with the author as the narrator. His tips are always helpful, and his stories always bring his points home.

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Edith H.

Great book with easy, solid ideas to put into place to make goals actually happen! The extra bonus stories that Jon gave during the reading of the book were awesome illustrations of the topics discussed. Love it and looking forward to putting it into action!

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Laura K.

Another great book. Amazing ideas and progression options. Great side stories included in the audio book. Funny moments we can all relate to. Highly recommend. I will relisten to it with the paper copy in hand. Enough great info that a twice read would be beneficial.

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Donyiel R.

Jon Acuff has done it again! This is a masterpiece and I cannot get enough of it. I am reading it for a second time this week. The first is to read the book for understanding and this time I’m reading for more understanding and implementation. I have implemented easy goals and it got me out of procrastination. Love this book! This is a must read.

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Jo Ann G.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to set and reach their goals. The narration is also great and love the side stories Jon provides in the audiobook.

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This book (like all of Jon Acuff’s books) gives practical steps to helping each person achieve their highest potential possible. I gained valuable insight as well as encouragement to chase after big dreams as well as set accomplishable goals.

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Aaron W.

Great book and Acuff is a brilliant communicator. Easy listening, relatable stories, and easy to do actions that made an impact on my life day 1.

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Aneta O.

I love this book! The idea of looking forward and knowing what I want has always been difficult for me. Using the Best Moments list has taught me more about who I am and what gets me excited. I’m working on a new planner and setting goals as I write this review. I’m so excited to set some goals and look back a year from now!

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Holly P.

If you accomplish only one goal this year make it reading this book. Jon Acuff is the master of self development books!! His humorous writing style draws you in and his methods hook you. Be careful though, as you may start to hear his voice in your head as the voice of reason. After you read this book turn right around and listen to the Audiobook and be prepared for audio only nuggets. When you finish and miss his words of wisdom look up his podcast and other books. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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Every book of Jon's is great and this one is no exception! Listened to it while working and we are going to listen to it again so we can take notes! So much great content! Jon is funny and the manner in which he reads the book makes it such an easy "read"!

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Awesome content and I love the bonus content too. Jon is a great writer as well as a great communicator!

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Steven C.

I have read all of Jon Acuff's books. And listened to them all. I love when the author reads their own books and then adds more content. One of the things I love about his writing style is that he gives you actionable steps. And he does this again in All It Takes is a Goal. For example... Figuring out how to create the life you want. Step 1 - come up with a best moments list (this was so fun and inspiring to do) Step 2 - Categorize your list Step 3 - Use the list and categories to build your calendar (and figure out what to say "no to) And that is just one of the concepts Acuff unpacks. The book is great information. But if you will actually do the steps he talks about in the book, it will change the way you live. And it will help you actually accomplish all those dreams in your head. Because you can turn those dreams into goals. And All It Takes is a Goal. I would highly recommend it to anyone. But especially to people who have things they want to accomplish, but are not sure where to start and how to keep going.

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Melissa M.

I have loved all of Jon Acuff’s books—Soundtracks and Finish are my other favorites… but I loved how in All It Takes is a Goal, he breaks down the steps for how to figure out goals that matter to you and realistic ways to reach those goals. I’m a homeschooling mom who recently left a career I loved, and I have been relearning what it looks like to have goals, experience achievements, and deeply value relationships. Goals in this season look a little different than they did even a year ago, and that’s okay. I’m also an all or nothing kind of person, either 0 or 100 mph. I needed a book that inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, but not go fully into the chaos zone. Learning to set easy and middle goals (that could later become guaranteed goals) helped me to reframe what goals really matter to me, take steps towards those goals, and build confidence as I learned what next steps to take. It’s just such a practical book and is one I will read again and again! Also the audiobook is INCREDIBLE and hearing it read by Jon, felt like being at a conference or chatting over a cup of coffee. Highly recommend!

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