Allied Command: An Adam Cain Sci-Fi Adventure

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
5 hours 31 minutes
It's a name that strikes terror throughout the Milky Way . . .

The Mad Aris Kracion.

And now he's back . . . and working with Adam Cain. What could go wrong?

International bestselling science fiction author T. R. Harris brings you the sixth and final book in The Human Chronicles Legacy Series.

The alien with an attitude is BACK!

And he's not the only one. Kracion, the Mad Aris, is also back, and working with the allies to stop the Klin from destroying the universe. As the Klin build and deploy thousands of trans-dimensional starships, they refuse to accept the danger the space engines represent. Kracion has spent years repairing the damage to the space/time continuum caused by these drives, and now the Klin are literally tearing the fabric of space apart even worse than before.

Adam Cain and the allies have tried everything to stop the Klin from using the warcraft, but to no avail. Now it's Kracion's turn to convince them. But is that all he's here for, to help the allies? Or is he here to help himself? Adam has his work cut out for him keeping a tight reign on the insane, immortal Aris, with nothing at stake except a second Big Bang if he fails.
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