Amore Part 1

Written by:
Bella Jewel
Narrated by:
Eric London , Noelle Bridges

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
5 hours 12 minutes
'It is not love that defines us, Julietta. It is love that destroys us.'

I'm just a normal girl. Or so you would think.

I've never thought of myself as anything different. Until I met him.

Rafael Lencioni doesn't think I'm normal. He thinks I'm special. Special enough to be in his life. Special enough to enter his world. Special enough for his bed.

My story is the one that's never told. I'm not the daughter. I'm not the wife. I'm not a sister or a mother. I'm not his enemy and I'm not his friend. I'm not who you think I am. So for me to fit into their world, I have to do something I never wanted in my life. Something I would have frowned upon until I met him.

I have to change who I am. I have to shut down my heart. I have to accept my place.

My body belongs to him. My heart isn't permitted to. Those are his rules. But rules were made to be broken . . . right?

Contains mature themes.
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