ANGER MANAGEMENT : Recognize and Control Anger

ANGER MANAGEMENT : Recognize and Control Anger

Written by:
Bradley B. Stoughton
Narrated by:
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
3 hours 21 minutes
People are looking around today, more than ever, and finding many reasons to get angry on the other side, there are so many people who are doing everything they can to make sure they also remain cool, calm and collected. Economic issues, school violence, partisan politics, the pressures of a culture that is increasingly rapidly, even urban drift. If you speak about this with other individuals, you're likely to come up with a consensus that anger issues get worse. Furthermore, the amount of pressure experienced by people— one of the major causes of anger— is getting worse, not better.

The excellent news is that issues with anger can be solved. For the rest of your life, you don't have to fight with anger, and you definitely don't have to reinvent the wheel. Psychologists understand much more than they did a generation ago about anger. An extremely advanced level has been achieved by the present science knowledge of what anger is, what causes it, and the related hazards.

In this book you will learn:

- How to effectively control your emotions and keep yourself out of trouble
- How to apply cognitive behavioral techniques to everyday activities to ensure that your emotions are always in your control all the time and you never lose your cool.
- Learn what anger really is, anger can be good or bad but you have control over both and you can decide whether or not being angry is really worth it.
- And much more..

This book provides significant flexibility in anger management program execution. Most of the methods can be used alone, but they can be combined with other concepts and methods as well. You have all the data you need to develop a program of anger management that suits your distinctive requirements, situation and character.
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Ryan H.

Worst book I’ve found on audio books. It’s read by a robot (like Siri read the whole thing and doesn’t inflect properly), plus it’s not about anger management. Don’t waste a credit on this.

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Gambler J.

This book is insightful and timely; one of the best on anger management.

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Roseline R.

What I liked about the book is that it recognised anger as a real emotion to be understood and not suppressed. It is true also as this book entails that many of our emotional states have origins in our childhood. It is very difficult indeed to dust off this mirror of the past and recognise that those childhood experiences that we disliked the most when our parents got angry, are the same ways that we are doing to our own children, repeating what should have been stopped.

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Raymond J.

This is a book that really makes you think about yourself and the way that your mind portrays certain situations. It helps to understand the origins of anger in your head and helps to find ways to alleviate the actions that go along with anger

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Jorge H.

This was written in a manner and in details that hit me directly. With every section I grew a better understanding of myself and my relationship with anger. I wouldn't guarantee that it will help everyone, but it has helped me, and given me the tools to continue to help myself.

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Alexander B.

I am so grateful to have this book as a resource to recommend to my male clients who are struggling with anger or to family members who are seeking assistance and guidance to help the men in their lives affected by anger issues. This is an excellent resource to provide men with simple, straightforward advise and tools to help them resolve anger issues

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Saimon M.

At last, a book that addresses the unique challenges and needs of men who are seeking tangible strategies to effectively manage anger. This is a much needed resource that will benefit both men who struggle with anger and the clinicians who treat them

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Andrew S.

In my over 20 years as a practicing psychotherapist, I've seen how the mismanagement of anger can be powerfully destructive, and how effective management of anger can radically improve one's life, relationships, and overall wellbeing

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Olivia R.

This book is insightful and timely; one of the best on anger management.

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Parsha R.

I read this book to help me understand my issues with anger. This book spells out some of the innate characteristics of men and why some of us get so angry and lose control. It also offers some guidance on how to better deal with the anger.

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Jacqueline M.

I have learned new ways of coping, and I have seen a definite decrease of anger spells and fits of 'uncontrollable' rage. You have to practice what you read, actively, even when you dont want to. This is worth the money. Hopefully this can help you like it helped me.

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Ethan L.

The information is presented in an engaging way with questions every few pages. This book really makes you think about your own anger and gives you stratgies to make different decisions in the future. If you are thinking about getting this book, you should give it a try! You likely will not be disappointed.

ANGER MANAGEMENT : Recognize and Control Anger
This title is due for release on November 2, 2020.

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ANGER MANAGEMENT : Recognize and Control Anger
This title is due for release on November 2, 2020
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ANGER MANAGEMENT : Recognize and Control Anger
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ANGER MANAGEMENT : Recognize and Control Anger

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