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The Answer to the Atheist's Handbook

Written by:
Richard Wurmbrand
Narrated by:
Michael Beck

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
7 hours 29 minutes
Richard Wurmbrand spent three years in solitary confinement during his 14-year imprisonment in Communist Romania. In The Answer to the Atheist's Handbook, conceived during his solitary confinement, Wurmbrand challenges the arguments for atheism as proposed by the Soviet Academy of Science's Atheist's Handbook.
Throughout the Communist world, the teachings of the Atheist's Handbook held supreme authority. But Wurmbrand demonstrates that the atheistic worldview leaves more questions unanswered than it settles. Full of wisdom and grace, The Answer to the Atheist's Handbook explores insights from Scripture, literature, art, and philosophy that bear witness to the reality of God and His redemptive plan for humanity.
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