Anybody Out There?

Written by:
Marian Keyes
Narrated by:
Terry Donnelly

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2006
15 hours 10 minutes
Marian Keyes has introduced readers to the lives, loves, and foibles of the five Walsh sisters. In this funny, heartbreaking, and triumphant new tale set in the Big Apple, it's Anna's turn in the spotlight.

Life is perfect for Anna Walsh. She has the ''Best Job in the World'' as a PR exec for a top-selling urban beauty brand, a lovely apartment in New York, and a perfect husband -- the love of her life, Aidan Maddox. Until the morning she wakes up in her mammy's living room in Dublin with her face in stitches, a dislocated knee, and completely smashed-up hands -- and no memory of how she got there. While her mammy plays nursemaid, Anna tries to get better and keeps wondering why Aidan won't return her phone calls or emails.

Recuperating from her injuries, a mystified Anna returns to Manhattan. Slowly beginning to remember what happened, she sets off on a search to find Aidan -- a hilarious quest involving lilies (she can't stop smelling them), psychics, mediums, and anyone there who can promise her a reunion with her beloved...

Written in her classic style, marrying the darker parts of life with humor and wit, Anybody Out There? is Marian Keyes' best novel to date, wonderfully charming look at love here and ever after.

Performed by Terry Donnelly
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Sharon salam

This book is yet another one of Marian keyes classics. It follows the life of Anna Walsh ( also known from keyes other titles: Watermelon, Rachel's Holiday etc) This tale takes a very light hearted look in a dark subject. The dublin witt and humour comes across from start to finish and leaves you with a warm feeling in your tummy. Really enjoyed the storyline and the plot. Fantastic. Keyes at her finest. Would recommend. The narrator is an Irish lady who pulls off the Irish accents fantastically especially voice of mammy Walsh....the Boston accents were quite annoying to start with but once u get used to it you don't notice...but in fairness narrator Terry Donnelly did a good job at attempting a very hard usa accent. Loved the book defo recommend!

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Claudette P.

Another great Marion Keyes book. I love the Walsh family and especially Mammy Walsh. Great writing and always bring an eruption of giggles when listening.

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Slow. Too many words

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