The Apostle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
10 hours 25 minutes
From #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Brad Thor, comes the white-knuckled thriller The Apostle.

A new administration and a new approach to dealing with America’s enemies have left covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath without a job. But when American doctor Julia Gallo is kidnapped in Afghanistan, the terms of her ransom leave the president with only one course of action.

In a dangerous assignment that the United States government will deny any knowledge of, Scot Harvath must secretly infiltrate Kabul’s notorious Policharki Prison and free the man the kidnappers demand as ransom—al-Qaeda mastermind Mustafa Khan.

But when Harvath arrives, he quickly learns that there is more to the kidnapping than anyone dares to admit. And as the subterfuge is laid bare, Harvath must examine his own career of hunting down and killing terrorists, and ask himself if he has what it takes to help one of the world’s worst go free.

Brimming with the kind of ripped-from-the-headlines authenticity Brad Thor’s internationally bestselling novels are known for, The Apostle doubles down on the blockbuster success of The Last Patriot and reaffirms Thor’s status as the master of the political thriller.
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Robert I.

Another outstanding story from a guy who seems able to crank them out at will. Brilliantly read by Armand Schultz. With so much insanity in the news and the world around us, it's nice to escape to a world where the good guys win and the characters believe in America. I know there are lots of real people who fit that description, but unless you know them, you don't hear much about them in the "news".

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Esmeldin Paling

I totally agree with anonymous the book has nothing to do with politics. Great book. Love Brad Thor.

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Chris M

Great book. Seems like it had less side stories than the previous ones.

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I only recently discovered Brad Thor and I am really enjoying his books. They are interesting and exciting and detailed enough that I learn about things and places and even get a sense of being there. These are not political. However, if you are looking for something that mindlessly recites whatever they (and just who is "they" anyway) say is politically correct, then you're going to be disappointed. The author does not walk on egg shells trying not to offend those with exaggerated for dramatic effect senses of political correct. Its actually such a relief to escape that nonsense. In case you haven't noticed, "politically correct" has been weaponized and turned against the American culture. For proof of that just look at these reviews - anything that doesn't recite the politically correct script is denigrated and called names. I plan on purchasing the rest of Brad Thor's books.

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Dan Q.

Brad Thor is a good author and storyteller. I had to Google the complete list of this series to listen to them in order, but worth the effort. Halfway through, and can't wait to purchase and listen to the rest! The only negative reviews come from individuals that have not been "tied" to the Rules of Engagement the military has to suffer. If they suffered the fog of war, they would feel different about getting things done to save their whiney butt sitting in their warm home while the military is suffering lack of sleep, poor food, poor weather, fear of death, lack of privations, and every imaginable problem - all for the lowest of pay. Wake up America!

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