The Archers: Victory at Ambridge: perfect for all fans of The Archers

Written by:
Catherine Miller
Narrated by:
Patricia Hodge

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
11 hours 32 minutes
Its 1943 and the war continues on in Ambridge. But the minds of the villagers are focused a little closer to home…

For many centuries, a local tradition has told of a mystic living in a hermit’s cave just outside the village. Legend tells that she has hidden her prophecies around the area, but none have ever been found. When a visiting academic arrives in Ambridge, there for war work, but personally intrigued by the prophecies, he becomes determined to find out more.

And as the prophesies are uncovered, it appears the mystic knows more than anyone could have predicted – and when they become personal and foretell the death of a local Ambridgian, the village is united in surprise.

Meanwhile, the war will end and some will come home – and some never will. And those who do will find that life in Ambridge has been changed….
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