Arrival: A Sci-fi Alien Invasion Romance

Arrival: A Sci-fi Alien Invasion Romance

Written by:
A.G. Wilde
Narrated by:
Julie Branson , Gene Branson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
8 hours 49 minutes
You think Earth is a safe haven?

You think the world couldn’t end tomorrow?

Think again.

Our world is no longer our own.

It’s been taken by beings we could never have imagined.

And we are weak.




They have divided us into groups: Harvesters, Gatherers, and Breeders.

I am but one of the dispensable.

My name is Adira Mosely

...and I am a Breeder.


Dark. Steamy. Gritty. A thrilling romance intertwined in a plot that will give you chills.

Arrival is a full-length apocalyptic sci-fi alien invasion romance featuring a resourceful heroine and a badass alien hero who changes her world forever.

There are triggers in this story: graphic scenes involving violence and death, dark themes, and scenes of a sexual nature.

Contains forced proximity and aliens with interesting tools.
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