Astronomy For Dummies, 5th Edition

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
15 hours 29 minutes
What's going on in the sky? Astronomy For Dummies takes you through the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and all the way to the outer reaches of the universe. You'll have stars in your eyes as you discover the basics of skywatching, planets, asteroids, black holes, and dark matter. Ponder the deep questions that keep humanity guessing, like, is there anybody out there? Two NASA-award-winning astronomers take you on a tour of outer space that will fascinate you-and, if you're a student, help you through your intro astronomy course.

Inside . . .

- Recent astronomical research

- All about the Big Bang

- Different types of stars

- Resources and tech tools for observing the stars and sky

- What happens when galaxies collide
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