Atomic Bill: A Journalist's Dangerous Ambition in the Shadow of the Bomb

Written by:
Vincent Kiernan
Narrated by:
Jim Frangione

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
9 hours 55 minutes
William L. Laurence was fascinated with atomic science and its militarization. When the Manhattan Project drew near to perfecting the atomic bomb, he was recruited to write much of the government's press materials that were distributed on the day that Hiroshima was obliterated. That instantly crowned Laurence as one of the leading journalistic experts on the atomic bomb. As the Cold War dawned, some assessed Laurence as a propagandist defending the militarization of atomic energy. For others, he was a skilled science communicator who provided the public with an understanding of the atomic bomb.

Laurence leveraged his perch at the Times to engage in paid speechmaking, book writing, filmmaking, and radio broadcasting. His work for the Times declined in quality as his relationships with people in power grew closer and more lucrative. Atomic Bill reveals extraordinary ethical lapses by Laurence. In 1963, a conflict of interest led to his forced retirement from the Times.

Kiernan shows Laurence to have set the trend, common among today's journalists of science and technology, to prioritize gee-whiz coverage of discoveries. That approach, in which Laurence served the interests of governmental official and scientists, recommends a revision of our understanding of the dawn of the atomic era.
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