Aunty Magdaline Cottas Living in Cape York

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2016
0 hours 27 minutes
This is about the life of Magdaline Cottas, an Indigenous Australian who's family live in the remote part of Australia in a place called Cape York. The Cape York Peninsula is the most northern point of Australia. We hear how her Grandfather left New Caladonia in the early 1900's to get away from the French law and settled in Cape York. Her Grandfather worked for Jardine, who was part of the settlement of Europeans.

We hear how Jardine shot Indigenous Clans and Magadline's family to colonise Australia. She talks of how Jardine was a brutal man settling Cape York. She talks of how Jardine turned a young Indigenous girl to be his slave and how he tapped her breasts with to pretend he was a boy slave and how her grandfather didn't know about this but had his suspicions when they tied up their horses and went swimming.

Magdaline Cottas talks of how her country is beautiful, how the rivers have white sandy beaches and a place called Somerset where they go fishing, and how the children of Cape York mistakenly call one river ' Diana Coo ' after the late Diana of England instead of its language name of Tiana Coo. She talks of how they used to live in traditional bark huts and how they sung in their language on their sailing boat they made from the Wopatha Tree. She remembers how the Americans turned up in their tanks in world War 2 to fight off the Japanese planes and how the Japanese tried to take Jacky Jacky Airport. She recalls how the Mapoon people were evacuated from the bombing raids of the Japanese.
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