An Authoress and a Viscount: A Sweet Regency Romance

An Authoress and a Viscount: A Sweet Regency Romance

Written by:
Ann Hawthorne
Narrated by:
Mary Jane Wells
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
3 hours 54 minutes
A heroine eager for an escape. A hero eager for a diversion. A court where no one can escape the prying eyes...

Lavinia Dudley, a young novelist catapulted into fame, has been offered a great honor - to attend Queen Charlotte. However, her new duties and the sharp-toothed social circuit drain her. Moreover, she is now at the mercy of haughty ladies who will never let her forget she is merely a music teacher's daughter.

Hugh, Lord Granville, has been offered a great opportunity - to become an equerry to the King and remedy his late father's disgrace. However, the new position tears him away from his beloved home and the life he knew, and leaves him to find escape in sensual diversions.

A royal trip to Cheltenham will throw them together. But when the scheme they concoct takes them too far, will love be enough to save them?
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