The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt

Written by:
Eleanor Roosevelt
Narrated by:
Tavia Gilbert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
18 hours 34 minutes
Now back in print, a candid and insightful look at an era and a life through the eyes of one of the most remarkable Americans of the twentieth century, First Lady and humanitarian Eleanor Roosevelt.The daughter of one of New York's most influential families, niece of Theodore Roosevelt, and wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt witnessed some of the most remarkable decades in modern history, as America transitioned from the Gilded Age, the Progressive Era, and the Depression to World War II and the Cold War.A champion of the downtrodden, Eleanor drew on her experience and used her role as First Lady to help those in need. Intimately involved in her husband's political life, from the governorship of New York to the White House, Eleanor eventually became a powerful force of her own, heading women's organizations and youth movements, and battling for consumer rights, civil rights, and improved housing. In the years after FDR's death she became a U.N. Delegate, chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, a newspaper columnist, Democratic party activist, world-traveler, and diplomat devoted to the ideas of liberty and human rights.This single volume biography brings her to life through her own words, illuminating the vanished world she grew up, her life with her political husband, and the postwar years when she worked to broaden cooperation and understanding at home and abroad.
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Katarzyna R.

It is a really great story of an amazing woman. Very interesting and easy to listen. The story shows us, how different time was back then and how different priorities were back then. People were different. I am recommending this book in hundred percent.

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Anita R.

I agree with the other posts. What an amazing woman - born into the upper classes, overcoming what she considered to be disadvantageous looks, marrying her cousin who became President of the USA for 3 terms - coping with the death of a child and her husbands polio disability and carving a career For herself on the world stage. She lived through two world wars and played a significant role as First Lady during WW2. Inspirational. And beautifully narrated. Not a moment too long.

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Michael S.

Great book, good history. Especially for the VIP selection Thanks!

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Stephen R.

What a gem! Listening as a political junkie of global and US history it was touching to read her experience and analysis of her situation and her world. Sad how little seems to change. Her eagerness for what she believed was the good seems quaint at times but the book is an engaging portrait of a remarkable life. (I thought the reader was a marvellous choice)

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Plant Lady Linda

Wonderful, comprehensive report of a unique, progressive woman who lived a fascinating life. Eleanor fans of any degree will be delighted.

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I did not like this book much. Perhaps it was the privileged lifestyle she lived many maids, nurses, cooks, and secretaries yet she was always complaining about how busy she was. Although she did a fine job reading and with the emphasis where necessary, the narrator seemed so young when I think of Eleanor at the age as the picture on the cover. Her discussion of the practices in Russia during the 1950’s was eye opening during the current invasion of Ukraine invasion in that after 70 years of being told that the USA was coming after them and would start a war as to why so many of the Russian roper support and believe Putin now!

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Debra B.

Interesting viewpoints from an interesting life. A life most of us are only a bit familiar. Entertaining to hear how she describes her life, challenges and contributions

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Paulette T.

Inspirational! Eleanor was certainly a woman well ahead of her time, who made difficult choices. The narrator did an excellent job of bringing Eleanor back to life!

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Betty T.

She is so interesting...very well informed and connected.

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