The Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Rest for the Whole Family

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
11 hours 17 minutes
Everything you need to know about getting your baby or toddler to sleep—from America’s foremost baby and childcare experts

For every parent deprived of sleep by a restless infant or toddler, now there’s hope. The Baby Sleep Book is the comprehensive, reassuring, solution-filled resource that every family will want to own.

Babies don’t automatically know how to sleep through the night; they need to be taught. The Sears family has learned from decades of pediatric practice, bolstered by their own parenting experiences, that different babies have different nighttime temperaments—and, of course, different families have different lifestyles. Instead of espousing the kind of “one method fits all” approach advocated in other baby sleep guides, the Sears family explains how you can create a sleep plan that suits the needs of your entire family.

With a sharp focus on practical tools and techniques, The Baby Sleep Book covers such topics as the following:

The facts of infant sleep vs. adult sleepFiguring out where, when, and how your child sleeps bestFail-safe methods for soothing a crying infantHow to make night nursing easier, and how to stopNighttime fathering tipsWhether co-sleeping makes sense for youNap-time strategies that workMedical and physical causes of night wakingSleep habits in special situations such as traveling, teething, and illnessLike all books in the highly popular Sears Parenting Library, The Baby Sleep Book is clear, comforting, and uniquely authoritative. Its flexible sensitive approach to solving babies’ sleep problems distinguishes it as definitive—an unrivaled book that offers immediate results.
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This book is completely awful. I am a child occupational therapist and certified sleep consultant and this is guilting and shaming sleep deprived parents with misinformation and untrue claims. He offers no sleep solutions, but just tells parents to adjust their attitudes, cater to every want from your child, and just learn to enjoy this phase of life. His “research” claims against any type of sleep training are taken out of context and are actually about the harm done to very neglected and abused children, NOT about “crying it out” with loving parents who are helping the whole family learn to sleep well. He also makes claims about 1 month olds that “CIO” didn’t work for who later happened to also have ADHD, but no one would ever suggest sleep training a newborn like that. He also doesn’t understand basic infant sleep needs and claims some kids just don’t need to nap or sleep very much and may be up all night, when those are actually signs the child is chronically overtired and it’s NOT healthy at all for brain development. Sears also takes the approach of “attachment parenting” meaning physical attachment to parents and the breast at all times. Never in my yrs as a therapist have I heard this attachment theory to be taken so literal instead of just meaning to develop a healthy, emotionally available bond. Save yourself and do not follow this quacks advice.

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