The Babysitting Circle: A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
2 hours 46 minutes
All six episodes of the sharp-edged sitcom set around an unconventional babysitting club, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as The Circle.

Wheeler-dealer snooker club owner Geoff Bryant and his wife Jenny have recently moved onto a new estate in Whittleshulme, Cheshire. Described in the brochure as an 'exclusive village development', it's squarely aimed at yuppies, the nouveau-riche and high-fliers. The trouble is, there are no local teenagers to babysit, leaving the residents to juggle careers and kids as best they can.

So when local bigwig Julian Percival sets up a babysitting circle, it seems like the ideal solution. Not only does it present an opportunity for Geoff (who has a sneaky ulterior motive for joining) but it's a lifeline for his neighbours, including frazzled doctor Tariq and hardworking headmistress Carla. But none of them have banked on naughty five-year-old Crystal, whose behaviour is so bad it's embarrassing. And when the group are faced with a childcare crisis, who will be left holding the baby?

Written by prize-winning author Elizabeth Baines, this funny, feelgood comedy drama stars Sherrie Hewson, John McArdle, Jane Hazelgrove, Lyndam Gregory and Jonathon Morris.

Production credits
Written by Elizabeth Baines
Directed by Andy Jordan

Jenny Bryant - Sherrie Hewson
Geoff Bryant - John McArdle
Trish Abbas - Jane Hazelgrove
Tariq Abbas - Lyndam Gregory
Julian Percival - Jonathon Morris
Doug Lewis - Shaun Parkes
Vanessa Percival - Melissa Sinden
Emma - Tara Pendergast
Hayley - Jane Cawdron
Crystal - Holliday Grainger
Benedict - Oliver Hamilton
Jessica - Gemma Salusbury
Carla McInnan - Maxine Burth
Shaneela - Rina Mahoney
Sammy - Anthony Hickling
Tim (Teenager) - Ciaran Griffiths
Elliot (News Boy) - Gregg Baines
Edmund - Christopher Limond
Mike Quigley - Andrew Whyment

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 29 April-3 June 1999

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