Bad Intentions

Written by:
Ella Frank
Narrated by:
Tim Paige , Aiden Snow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
6 hours 37 minutes
My name isn't Logan Mitchell, but Marcus St. James doesn't know that . . .

When I showed up at my roommate's work party, the last thing I expected was to find a man straight out of my dreams. But when the crowd parted and the fates aligned, there he was, waiting for me. Marcus St. James, president of ENN WorldWide News.

Sexy and powerful, with a stare that could freeze you in place, Marcus was the perfect reward for securing a job at Mitchell & Madison, the best law firm in Chicago. To play with the big fish, however, one must become a big fish, and that's where my little white lie began.

It was one night. I was never going to see him again, and from the second we spoke, I knew he was interested. It was there in his eyes, the same fire in my veins. It was there in his voice, whenever he said my name.

The only problem? It wasn't my name, and now I wanted more-much more.

But how can anything good come out of something that started with such bad intentions?

Contains mature themes.
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Rachel W.

I just finished the audio of this and I loved it! I loved both narrators - I thought their voices were perfect for these two characters. It brought me back to Gabe and Marcus and how much I adored reading their stories. This is definitely one of my top favorite Ella couples! This is some of Ella at her very best - that explosive chemistry between two MCs, that initial burst of attraction and some push/pull and I absolutely LOVE this grumpy older man/younger unafraid to go for it younger man pairing in Marcus and Gabe. I think some of it has to do with the fact that Gabe reminds me a lot of Logan - that attitude, swagger, and say-whatever-you're-thinking attitude. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he's working for Logan. So yes, this is set within the Temptation/Men of Chicago 'verse - and we get to see Logan and Tate, who are just my favorite MM Couple. It's so wonderful to see them so happily married lol. But back to Gabe and Marcus - the chemistry, the snark, all the dialogue going back and forth was just so, so well written. It's definitely one thing I love when Ella writes these explosive characters falling for each other. It's intense and quick but it also is written so that it feels real and right. I love that we got to see that these two do have more in common than they originally thought, despite a 20 year age gap. Gabe is more mature than he lets on, and I love how perfect he is to bring Marcus out of his grumpy-workaholic self.

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Stephanie V.

Absolutely amazing listen! I just couldn't stop listening once I started. I love Marcus and Gabe! Their story is so HOT and I just love it so much. Then Aiden Snow and Tim Paige both does an amazing narration. I love how they both bring this story life. They made me fall even more in love with this story. I can't wait to listen to the next one!

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Susana R.

Bad Intentions was so good! Gabriel Romero is adorable and I love his sassy mouth. Gabe get a job and to celebrate he goes to a party at Global news here he finds himself mesmerized by Marcus St. James. Gabe is the kind of guy that when he wants something or someone he would do anything to get it. So he presents himself to Marcus and try to seduce him but he present himself as Logan, oh boy! Marcus St. James is the president of ENN Worldwide and he is arrogant and his job is the most important thing for him. When he meets Gabe as Logan they hookup and can’t stop thinking about him but never imagine that he will meet him at Mitchell and Madison Attorneys at Law.. he can’t believe that Marcus is there! After Marcus discovered the truth about Gabe both make a deal so he can make amends so for a week Gabe is going to do whatever Marcus wants. Sending time together will brings them together and making experienced feelings neither of them wants to have, I love the chemistry they have and both are makes each other happy. Gabe wants more but Marcus is so stubborn and thinks they don’t have a chance to make thinks work. I like the story and I absolutely loved this audiobook, Aiden Snow and Tim Paige did a great job with the narration of this book, they sound so sexy. I have a great time listening this story!

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Kathryn T.

listening to aiden snow and Tim paige bring Gabriel and Marcus was such a spectacular and beautiful experience they made me feel everything Gabriel and Marcus was going through the story was fun flirty intense and some had sweet moments aiden snow and Tim paige's performance and ella Frank's was the perfect combination

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