Baltic States: History Of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Baltic States: History Of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Written by:
History Forever
Narrated by:
Khai Lannor
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
1 hour 18 minutes
This book focuses on the history of the Baltic States, specifically on the History of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from the Bronze Age all the way up until the end of 21st Century.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been the battleground for neighboring powers and the site of intense rivalry, but also interaction, between East and West.

This book masterfully traces the development of these three Baltic countries, from the northern crusades against Europe's last pagans, and Lithuania's rise to become one of medieval Europe's largest states, to their incorporation into the Russian Empire and the creation of their modern national identities.

This book pays particular attention to the tumultuous twentieth century, during which the Baltic States achieved independence, but also endured occupation by both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Finally, it explores how the Baltic States recovered their statehood and transformed themselves into members of the European Union. 
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