Beach House Vacation

Beach House Vacation

Written by:
Cora Seton
Narrated by:
Jack Calihan , Samantha Cook
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
8 hours 24 minutes
Ava Ingerson knows what she wants: the beautiful California beach house she just inherited, a career in teaching supplemented with income from her vacation guests, and a life full of friends, fun and family—right here in Seahaven, California. She’s never moving again, no matter what, so when handsome entrepreneur Samuel Cross arrives to stay at her beach house for two weeks, Ava knows the last thing she should do is act on her attraction to him.

When Sam forgave his business partner and fiancée for falling in love with each other, he didn’t expect them to invite him on their pre-wedding vacation jaunt to Seahaven, or that he’d actually agree to come. But Sam knows his ex. She’s planning to use the trip to make a bid for control of his start-up. He’s prepared for two weeks of unmitigated misery with the happy couple and their other guests, but things look up when their pretty host, Ava, quickly takes stock of the situation and maneuvers Sam into the best room of the house. Now if only he can convince Ava she needs to spend more time with him, he might salvage this vacation, after all.

Ava isn’t sure why she keeps coming to Sam’s rescue, but she’s having more fun than she’s had in years as they explore all the area has to offer—with and without his friends. If she doesn’t get her heart under control, she’ll end up hurt all over again. After all, Sam has made it clear his home is in Chicago.

Sam knows his life is waiting for him in Illinois, including the big contract he’s been working so hard to land, so why is he daydreaming about a life under the California sun? He needs to persuade Ava to come home with him. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

But neither Ava nor Sam feel like being sensible anymore…
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