Beach Thing: A Black Diamond novel

Beach Thing: A Black Diamond novel

Written by:
Dl White
Narrated by:
Sharell Palmer
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
4 hours 16 minutes
What happens on Black Diamond doesn't have to stay there. Indulge in a steamy #beachyblackromance on Black Diamond.

Wade Marshall, super producer to one of hip hop's brightest stars, planned to spend the summer on Black Diamond away from the rush of Brooklyn and the distractions that had been plaguing his work so he can do what he does best - make beats. But he is immediately consumed by an entirely different and more attractive distraction - his bold, beautiful, sexy neighbor with the' glorious hips' and a penchant for ice cream. 

Ameenah Porter, daughter of successful New York restauranteurs, moved to the man made island of Black Diamond to fulfill her dream of opening a beachside smoothie shop. She doesn't need the distraction of a new man but her new tall, dark and handsome neighbor is irresistible.  

Ameenah's days at Tikis & Cream are spent cooling off her customers with her gourmet smoothie blends. Her nights on the shores of Black Diamond Bay are enchanting and romantic, and soon Wade and Ameenah find themselves in the middle of a Beach Thing... a meaningless tryst that will end when the summer is over. Or will it? 

When summer ends, Wade will return to Brooklyn. Ameenah lives on Black Diamond. Neither want this Beach Thing to end, so is their fling really a fling or is it the beginning of something real? 
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