Beauty Queen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2013
13 hours 37 minutes
In the second book of The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters trilogy, a former beauty queen’s perfect life comes crashing down…but unexpected love may lift her right back up.

Former Miss Texas Rebecca Lear knows a thing or two about looking perfect—even when her life is anything but. When her no-good husband leaves her for another woman, the fairy-tale illusion shatters. Heartbroken, Rebecca heads to Austin to pick up the pieces of her life, volunteering for a friend’s political campaign in a desperate attempt to start anew. When she clashes with a gorgeous, hot-shot lawyer over campaign strategies, Rebecca realizes she’s in way over her head. And maybe that’s a good thing…

Matt Parrish is the toughest litigator in Texas—and a notorious heartbreaker. When he agrees to help out with his former fraternity brother’s campaign, he never imagined he’d be stuck working with an ex-beauty queen. There’s no denying she’s beautiful…and sweet and funny and smarter than anyone gives her credit for. But men like Matt don’t fall in love with women like Rebecca, no matter how hot the flames of passion burn between them…
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