Before They Are Hanged

Written by:
Joe Abercrombie
Narrated by:
Steven Pacey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
22 hours 30 minutes
The second novel in the wildly popular First Law Trilogy from New York Times bestseller Joe Abercrombie.

Superior Glokta has a problem. How do you defend a city surrounded by enemies and riddled with traitors, when your allies can by no means be trusted, and your predecessor vanished without a trace? It's enough to make a torturer want to run -- if he could even walk without a stick.

Northmen have spilled over the border of Angland and are spreading fire and death across the frozen country. Crown Prince Ladisla is poised to drive them back and win undying glory. There is only one problem -- he commands the worst-armed, worst-trained, worst-led army in the world.

And Bayaz, the First of the Magi, is leading a party of bold adventurers on a perilous mission through the ruins of the past. The most hated woman in the South, the most feared man in the North, and the most selfish boy in the Union make a strange alliance, but a deadly one. They might even stand a chance of saving mankind from the Eaters -- if they didn't hate each other quite so much.

Ancient secrets will be uncovered. Bloody battles will be won and lost. Bitter enemies will be forgiven -- but not before they are hanged.

First Law Trilogy
The Blade Itself
Before They Are Hanged
Last Argument of Kings

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Profile Avatar
Steven Arcos

Perfect blend of magic, fantasy, war, and character development. The narrator has one of the best voices I've ever heard. I couldn't believe all the voices were the same guy! You would regret not listening to this whole series.

Profile Avatar
Eduardo V.

Good book, and excellent narration

Profile Avatar

I cannot say enough about how good this book and narrator are. Love it all.

Profile Avatar
Shane B.

This is a great series. Excellent character development and the fight scenes are fantastic. Can't wait for 3rd book in the series but sadly it will be the end of the trilogy.

Profile Avatar
Brandon H.

Vary well narrated were great reads and even better listens

Profile Avatar
Chris o

series was great. no filler all plot. loved it. great characters that seem like real people.

Profile Avatar
Brian Pander

The series is a wonder in itself. It gets better with every book. I cant wait for the conclusion.

Profile Avatar
Jessica McCaffrey

Fantastic fantasy series. Joe Abercrombie is my new favorite author. A writing style similar to R.R. Martin that flows better and easier to read.

Before They Are Hanged
This title is due for release on September 8, 2015.

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Before They Are Hanged
This title is due for release on September 8, 2015
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Before They Are Hanged
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Before They Are Hanged

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