Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 3 minutes
Zann Blackseed is the huntsman for the king of Evandorm in the land of Mura. Zann has the power to shapeshift into a white wolf, and does so to help in the hunt. But when the king decides to send Zann to hunt in the forests of Glint, things take a nasty turn. While in his shapeshifting form of a wolf, Zann is struck by an arrow and wounded. Little does he ever expect to see that a beautiful wench shot him, and that she happens to be the elven queen of this magical land.

Lira Pentstone is the widowed queen of Glint, troubled by the fact a portal keeps opening and a dark man is trying to abduct her young daughter. When she stops a wolf from hunting in her forest, she discovers it is really a man. Having heard of the Blackseed brothers and their experience with other portals, she requests his help. Zann has no desire to help her. But when a pesky elven sage tricks them, Lira and Zann end up married to each other.

Can war between the realms be stopped using magic that turns into a threat for all? And will a magical portal be the obstacle or the solution that will save or doom a hastened marriage between a shapeshifter and an elven queen?

Contains mature themes.
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