Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2010
9 hours 29 minutes
The latest in the New York Times bestselling breakout steampunk series from Scott Westerfeld.

At the end of Leviathan, our heroes Alek and Deryn were aboard a mighty air ship heading toward Constantinople to deliver a secret package. But their secrets—Alek’s family is responsible for starting World War I, and Deryn is a girl passing as a guy in the British Air Service—are in jeopardy when their mission goes awry. The only way to save themselves in a hostile, politically charged city is to offer up the thing that matters most—their air ship.

In this striking futuristic rendition of an alternate past where machines are pitted against genetically modified beasts in the first world war, lines between allies and enemies blur, and the consequences are Behemoth .
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BJ Glick

A wonder world created with such imagination. Combining historical with creative fiction is just masterful .

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Alyssa V.

A favorite trilogy of mine. Alan Cumming's voices are so unique for each character it actually feels like you're listening to a movie. ...if that makes any sense. Wonderful series.

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Gary C.

I know it's for young adults but so was Harry Potter, the earlier Star Wars, and dozens of others. I enjoyed this series as much if not more. Regardless it was amazing! If it hasn't been optioned for a movie it should be. The Narration by Alan Cummings was masterful as well.

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