Berenstain Bears' Stories

Written by:
Stan Berenstain

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2005
1 hour 21 minutes
A special audio containing 11 favorite Berenstain Bears stories!

One day, Stan and Jan Berenstain were captured by a family of bears.

It was a family of three—an overenthusiastic Papa whose high opinion of himself was exceeded only by his ability to do silly things (often placing himself in jeopardy from bees, skunks, low-hanging branches, whales, irate farmers, etc.) a wise, steady Mama with a firm grip on reality, and a bright enterprising little boy cub.

For nearly forty years, the Berenstains' delightfully enchanting stories of this trio have charmed children, and now they can enjoy them listening to the authors read the best of their hilarious tales.

This special audio includes:

- The Bears' Vacation
- The Bears' Picnic
- Bears in the Night
- The Bear Scouts
- The Big Honey Hunt
- The Bears' New Baby
- The Bears' Christmas
- The Bike Lesson
- The Bear Detectives
- He Bear, She Bear
- The Bears' Almanac
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