The Berlin Traitor

Written by:
A W Hammond
Narrated by:
Stephen Perring

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
6 hours 26 minutes
n this fast-paced thriller Auguste Duchene finds himself in post-war Berlin, involved in the hunt for a Nazi war criminal and relying on his wits to survive the beginnings of the Cold War.
July, 1945. The war in Europe is finallyover. But Auguste Duchene, who survived occupied Paris at great personal cost,cannot escape his past. He finds himself helping the Allies to pursue a Gestapowar criminal through the ravaged and dangerous streets of Berlin. Duchene soonlearns, however, that, although one global conflict may have ended, another isbeginning, and he is in a deadly race against the Russians as they hunt thesame man. And, once again, at the heart of all he does, are his extraordinarywife Sabine and his beloved daughter Marienne.

With its vivid evocation of the post-war hardship and desperation of Germany's capital, The Berlin Traitor pits a man of principle, who hates war and all it stands for, against relentless nationalism and self-interest. Tense, terrifying and compelling, full of twists and turns, this riveting page-turner is a worthy successor to The Paris Collaborator.
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