Bernard Malamud Reading “The Mourners” from The Magic Barrel: From Great American Authors Read from Their Works, Volume 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
0 hours 16 minutes
'The Mourners' comes from Malamud's National Book Award–winning collection, The Magic Barrel, about poor immigrant Jews—grocers, tailors, janitors, cobblers—whose suffering transcends the particular to become universal. Set in a cheap rooming house whose landlord and janitor join forces to evict a poor and aged Jewish tenant, the story ends with Gruber, the landlord, morally transformed by the sight of his tenant's misery. As compassion replaces cruelty, the two men mourn together. In Malamud's reading, the sudden descent of grace on the adversaries emerges with poignant force.
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