Beyond a Doubt

Written by:
Colleen Coble
Narrated by:
Devon O'day

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
8 hours 34 minutes
Evidence of a violent crime in Bree’s basement causes police to re-open a cold case. Can she and her search dog, Samson, stop the killer before he strikes again?

Bree Nicholls has made a name for herself finding missing persons and solving mysteries in the untamed wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her faithful search-and-rescue dog, Samson. Yet she still doubts herself, grieving the loss of her husband and longing for her young son’s forgiveness.

When a basement remodeling project at her lighthouse home uncovers evidence from a case the Rock Harbor police gave up on long ago, Bree’s family comes under attack. Someone wants something from the house . . . or possibly someone.

Ranger Kade Matthews steps in to help, winning Bree’s friendship and making real headway with her son, Davy. But there’s still a killer somewhere in Rock Harbor. It will take everything Bree and Samson can do to protect her family from the danger lurking outside the lighthouse door.

- Full-length romantic suspense 
- Can be read as a standalone, but is also part of the Rock Harbor series
- Book 1: Without a Trace
- Book 2: Beyond a Doubt
- Book 3: Into the Deep
- Book 4: Cry in the Night
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Tracie W.

This book is very good at showing how people truly are. All of their humanity and errors on display. Tremendous story, suspense was great without being over done. Characters were written with attention to how they came to be where they were, not just who they were. Giving us the reminder of the Savior and how we depend on Him to shine that light into whatever darkness over comes us. If you are offended by Christ and His work. Read the book instead of pushing it away. We live in a time that we can no longer pretend that we understand everything

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Lina A.

Way too much focus on the Bible and Christ which I felt took away from the suspense and crime I looked forward to read about. I count even finish it.

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