Bible Story Book For Kids

Written by:
Karen Jones
Narrated by:
Ivy Starlight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
4 hours 6 minutes
Is your child ready to learn about the Old Testament?
The Bible Story Book for Kids contains thirty-four of the most exciting and well-known stories from the Old Testament. The stories are based on the New American Standard Bible translation.
This book is geared to readers aged four to eight and is great for reading aloud, reading with your child, or for your child to read by themselves. It is perfect for anyone reading the Bible for the first time. The Beginner’s Bible is also great for more mature readers, who are not familiar with the language of the Bible. This book is not at all childish. It does not “dumb-down” any of the stories. Rather, it is written in an approachable manner with language that is intelligent, but not overly complex.
No drama is spared in these stories! Love, betrayal, evil plots, and brave and handsome heroes are found throughout this book. There are unsung heroines, who, although they are not always named, play in integral roles. This book will show your child that the stories of the Bible can be just as exciting as their favorite movie or book!
Grab your copy today and discover:
? How was the earth created?
? Was it really the snake’s fault?
? Lots of drama between the world’s first brothers!
? Is forgiveness possible?
? God’s revenge on Egypt!
? How did people learn what God’s most important laws were?
? Is there hope for a better future?
? And much more...
Your children will be able to grow with this book. Some stories will be appropriate for younger ages, while you might want to wait until they get a little older for others. This book is a great starting point to facilitate discussion about Bible stories with your children. The stories presented are interspersed with quotes from the Bible enhancing the storyline, and helping children to become accustomed to the language used in the original translation.
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