Bible Story Book For Kids

Written by:
Karen Jones
Narrated by:
Ivy Starlight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
3 hours 46 minutes
If you want an important tool to teach your children about the wonderful Bible and all the promises it holds, keep listening!
The New Testament is a clear and concise summary of the Greatest Story Ever Told, the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written for young minds to understand and explore the main points of Jesus’ birth, life, death and ascension, as well as the rise of the Christian church. It includes explanations of the locations, culture, hard to understand figures of speech, and the external cultures surrounding his life.
Parents—in a world so busy, so beautiful, so interesting, and often so confusing—some of us think that we don’t have time for God. However, for those who are aware of him, we can understand the peace what a prayerful life can bring to a soul. Even the little children have daily challenges and daily choices—and imparting a love of God into their heart at an early age is a wonderful gift for a fabulous life.
To a child, prayer is a natural instinct. As we raise our children to do good, to live with the principles you are teaching them, it is also important to teach them the power and importance of prayer. In this world, you represent God to a young child—giving them their needs often before they even ask. God encourages all of us to teach them that it is ultimately God who supplies all of our needs.
The stories about Jesus Christ and what he did are presented in a brief, simple format, suitable to be studied with your children or read to them at night as they drift off to sleep. It will allow your children to understand that the promise of God to live a powerful, righteous life in this day and time is still available, no matter how far society degrades into confusion.
If you desire to give your child a tool that can reward your child for a lifetime and beyond, just get this awesome audiobook and enjoy!
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