Big Easy Trouble

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
8 hours 31 minutes
Bounty hunting is rewarding, but nobody ever said it was easy. When your partner is a powerful dark witch with anger issues, it can get downright terrifying.

Good thing Matt Bordelon is up for a challenge because the weather isn’t the only thing heating up in the Big Easy. A cabal of dark witches and wizards will do anything to control magic. A powerful, idealistic, and extremely misguided politico can only make things worse.

As if that wasn’t enough, something evil is snatching people from the New Orleans area. The cops are baffled, and the body count is rising fast. Out of ideas, they call Matt.

The Big Easy Bounty Hunter and his partner-in-training jump on the case, but the next victim’s deadly countdown timer is ticking. Nothing is ever simple when you mix dark magic and a deep desire for vengeance.

Matt is no stranger to the ways of dark magic, but circumstances involving the case and his partner’s hot-headedness are testing his limits.

Can he rescue the victims and bring Natalia back before she succumbs to the sweet temptation of the darkness inside? Or will the darkness take her before he can save her?
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