Blood and Honor

Written by:
W.E.B. Griffin
Narrated by:
Michael Russotto

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
26 hours 18 minutes
As did his three immensely popular series Brotherhood of War, The Corps and Badge of Honor, W.E.B. Griffin's novel of World War II espionage Honor Bound became an immediate bestseller: 'A superior war story' (Library Journal) 'whose twists and turns keep readers guessing until the last page' (Publishers Weekly). Now the characters of Honor Bound are back, in an adventure as exciting as anything Griffin has written. It is April 1943, and Marine aviator Cletus Frade, Army demolition's wizard Anthony Pelosi, and communications expert David Ettinger are thrust again into the lethal nest of intrigue that is wartime Buenos Aires. A clandestine German vessel sets sail to resupply submarines in the South a massive shipment of money earmarked for postwar Reich makes its way to South America...and a coup designed to topple the government reaches critical mass. In the midst of it all, the German-ordered assassination of Cletus Frade's father demands only one response: revenge. Threading their way carefully between Axis and Allied sympathizers, and even between rival OSS and FBI factions, the three solidiers must strive their utmost not only to fulfill their missions--but just to stay alive. And for that, even their utmost may not be enough... Written with all the energy and expertise that Griffin's readers have come to expect, filled with drama and authentic heroes, Blood and Honor is a captivating novel sure to please fans old and new.
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Awesome series

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Liked the book but the narrator was poor

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Chris B.

I could not get passed the narration and stopped listening. Bummer

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James M.

The book was great but the new narrator left something to be desired.

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Bryan H.

Really enjoyed the narrator from Honor Bound! The new narrator makes me want to turn it off!

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Henry C S.

The book was excellent. The recording provided was marginal. It stopped without instruction and proceeded with difficulty.

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Curtis W.

The narrator is the worst.

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Michael Johannsen

Overall a great book, I am continuing to read books with this series.

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Doug Castle

Typical historical fiction from WEBG. The narration was distracting. Germans, Argentines, and Americans all do not speak with the same tempo and cadence of speech. The narrator spoke in near perfect (my opinion, too slow) cadence, metronome-like, which took away from the story. I moved the speed option on the app to 1.5 and that helped considerably.

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