Blood And Smoke

Written by:
Stephen King
Narrated by:
Stephen King

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2000
4 hours 0 minutes
Stephen King reads three of his classic short stories including 1408, now a feature film!

Enter a nightmarish mindscape of unrelenting horror and shocking revelations as the greatest storyteller of our time takes us inside a world of yearning and paranoia, isolation and addiction. It is the world of the smoker.

Stephen King's audio original story collection blood and smoke features the tale 1408, now a Dimension Films motion picture starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

Also inside are In the Deathroom and Lunch at the Gotham Café, both horrific tales of withdrawl, desperation, and unfiltered suspense.
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Chris Stevens

Good stories, not Stephen King's best but a really good listen

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SK Reader

I am a huge Stephen King fan (#1 fan? No). So maybe my review is bias, but I enjoyed the stories. I liked that they were short enough to take up about two trips of 30 minutes drive time (except 1408), the cadence of the narrators voice didn't put me to sleep and kept me engaged - so all in all a success for my purposes!

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Mickey Way

I really don't like King as a narrator...he doesn't have a very flexable catalog of voices for different characters. Of the three stories, 1408 was the only good one. I would tell other listeners to pass on this audiobook.

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Not the best Stephen King has ever written, but short and enjoyable nonetheless. The added bonus of having the author read his own work was worth it to me, however. I always feel that the true essence of how the author intended the story to be understood comes out when they read the story themselves. (And I am often surprised that when reading a print copy, the vocal inflections in my head differ from what the author intended.)

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The story 1408 was good, but the other stories were so-so. An average effort from Mr. King. Would not bother a second time.

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well read. I thought the story 1408 was as compelling as a warning label on a package of cigarettes with the exception you pay attention to this one. the other 3 are not quite as compelling. the amount of horror increases from first story to last.

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I very much enjoyed these stories - knowing it was King's own voice added an extra thrill (and chill!) for me.

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Stephen King is always good. These are some interesting short stories.

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The description says "classic Stephen King" and it's right on the money. These stories are fun, a little gory and totally captivating. I actually got chills at one point during 1408. I love Stephen King's work and this did not disappoint.

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Disclaimer: I absolutely adore this man's writing and always have (except for the crap with Peter Traub, but whatever). These are three odd tales but I liked them very much. Disturbing, different and dark, this is King doing what he loves best, twisting the ordinary into something foul and not for the faint of heart. Honestly though, I wish he'd hired someone else to narrate as I don't care for his voice.

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Not Stephen King's best but still a good read. Blood and Smoke as a whole was entertaining and kept me interested until the end. I give you fair warning however, this book is no Night Shift. The first story, Lunch at the Gotham cafe was comically gross and kept me laughing all the way through. . 1408 was also good but was a bit too long and not enough dialogue between the characters. In the Death Room was the best story in this collection, exciting and full of suspense, I was sorry when it was over

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Matt Newton

Although the four CD's went fairly fast and kept me interested, it was by no means riviting. I give it an average grade. Since I'm typically a book reader and short stories are not my favorite, maybe it earns an above average.

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This book was clearly not one of King's best work. The stories kept you revitted up to a point, however, the endings were too open. I never got a full sense of closure at the end of the story. I got a sense that the stories were written in haste and even though in the stories Stephen King, tried to get involved in the story, I never really was able to get involved and enjoy this as much as his other books. Although the EEEE EEEE sound from the first book on the CD still rings in my head.

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We just couldn't get into this book. Normally we like Stephen King, but for some reason the story lines just didn't grab our attention. It seemed dark and depressing, which seems like typical King fare, but this one just didn't have the "catch" that usually won't let one put the book down til finished. Ah well, maybe next time.

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Dan Pressley

I've read many Stephen King books that were both interesting and scary. This book was a compilation of boringness. I was bored to tears and hoped the next story would be better. The best it got was mediocre.

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Silicon Valley Commuter

Great stories by Stephen King. I am a big fan, so I may be biased. Stories were haunting and intriquing.

Blood And Smoke
This title is due for release on January 1, 2000.

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Blood And Smoke
This title is due for release on January 1, 2000
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Blood And Smoke
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Blood And Smoke

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