Release Date
June 2020
7 hours 23 minutes
From the masters of American frontier storytelling, another chapter in the Buckhorn saga—a blood-pounding tale of one man's sacred mission to bring justice to the American west, the only way he knows how...

In all the horrific corners of the Civil War, there was no hell worse than Andersonville, the Confederate prison camp. Less infamous but equally inhumane was a Yankee prison camp run by General Thomas Wainwright. In the war's aftermath, a survivor of Wainwright's cruelty summons Joe Buckhorn to New Orleans, and asks the gunslinger to kill the general—not simply for revenge, but to stop another atrocity.

Wainwright has seized control of Wagontongue, a township on the edge of the Arizona desert, and he rules it as brutally as he once ran the prison for Rebel POWs. With an iron grip on the town's only source of water, he keeps the locals cowering under his cruel heel. Buckhorn rides on Wagontongue to overthrow the merciless despot, and finds that Wainwright has plans for a bloody revolution, which Buckhorn will shoot through Hell and back to stop...
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