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Bloody Mary

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2005
8 hours 15 minutes
Start with a tough but vulnerable Chicago cop. Stir in a psychopath with a unique mental condition that programs him to kill. Add a hyperactive cat, an ailing mother, a jealous boyfriend, a high-maintenance ex-husband, and a partner in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Mix with equal parts humor and suspense, and enjoy Bloody Mary.

When Jack receives a report of an excess of body parts appearing at the Cook County Morgue, she hopes it’s only a miscount. It’s not. Even worse, these extra limbs seem to be accessorized with Jack’s handcuffs.

Someone has plans for Jack. Very bad plans. Plans that involve everything and everyone that she cares about.

Jack must put her train wreck of a personal life on hold to catch an elusive, brilliant maniac—a maniac for whom getting caught is only the beginning…
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Good story when you get into it but too graphic and gory. enjoyed the female narrator, but not the male

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I like the story, although a little gory at times. I like having the male and female readers but the male reader's accent makes it hard to "hear" the different characters of the book and keep them apart in the story. Maybe it was just me but after awhile all of the men started to sound the same. Good story with twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing.

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Catherine Painkin

Great book! I liked having a male and female audio reader. A little gory at times but it certainly kept my interest. I'd recommend it to my friends.

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Ruth Adams get the next set of cd's.....I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what will happen!

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