The Blue Flames

The Blue Flames

Written by:
Jacquelyn Hagen
Narrated by:
Wayne Farrell
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
24 hours 24 minutes

A Colonist is dead. Another has been captured. The rest find themselves scattered across Eriaris, each in a different dangerous situation, and with no memory of how they got there. Survival is the first concern. Home is a close second.


The journey won’t be easy. Some must contend with slavers and bandits, others with bounty hunters and vengeful Entrians. A few are even put before the Elders of the High Council. To make matters worse, one of the harshest winters in history has begun, slowing travel and hindering the rescue efforts of those still on Riverfall.


All is not lost, however. Though the Colonists will need every ounce of courage and strength to endure their trials, there is unexpected help along the way, and moments of hope and joy even in the darkest hours. Most surprising is the wealth of secrets they discover, powerful enough to end their nine-year exile and deal a serious blow to their worst foes.


But they must act quickly. The noose is tightening, the fuses are lit, the knives have been sharpened. With enemies closing in on all sides, the peril has never been greater. And no one is prepared for how it will end.

The Blue Flames is the third book of the epic fantasy series The Riverfall Chronicles. For more information, visit
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