Blue Mars

Written by:
Kim Stanley Robinson
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2008
31 hours 56 minutes
Acclaimed visionary author Kim Stanley Robinson is a Hugo and Nebula Award-winner. Blue Mars is the final volume in Robinson's seminal science fiction trilogy which began with Red Mars and continues with Green Mars. The once red and barren terrain of Mars is now green and rich with life--plant, animal, and human. But idyllic Mars is in a state of political upheaval, plagued by violent conflict between those who would keep the planet green and those who want to return it to a desert world. Meanwhile, across the void of space, old, tired Earth spins on its decaying axis. A natural disaster threatens to drown the already far too polluted and overcrowded planet. The people of Earth are getting desperate. Maybe desperate enough to wage interplanetary war for the chance to begin again. Blue Mars is a complex and completely enthralling saga--as convincing and lushly imagined a future as anyone has ever dreamed. Richard Ferrone narrates this sweeping epic with engaging personality and finesse.
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Rico S.

Interesting vision of expansion of human race, the politics and feelings involved, and the technicalities of terraforming and invention.

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Rob O.

The final in this epic trilogy brings together the several story lines that were developed in the earlier novels to intriguing and at times emotional conclusions. If you enjoyed the earlier novels in the series, this novel will keep you enthralled. It is long and has a lot of detail. Oddly relevant in 2020!

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Chris L.

Totally brilliant, I've been engrossed with this trilogy from the beginning - an absolutely epic read. The narrator was excellent.

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