The Bodies Left Behind

Written by:
Jeffery Deaver
Narrated by:
Holter Graham

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2008
12 hours 44 minutes
The instant New York Times bestselling thriller from the “master of ticking bomb suspense” (People) who created Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance is “a tour de force…the suspense never flags” (Kirkus Reviews).

When a night-time call to 911 from a secluded Wisconsin vacation house is cut short, offduty deputy Brynn McKenzie leaves her husband and son at the dinner table and drives up to Lake Mondac to investigate. Was it a misdial or an aborted crime report?

Brynn stumbles onto a scene of true horror and narrowly escapes from two professional criminals. She and a terrified visitor to the weekend house, Michelle, flee into the woods in a race for their lives. As different as night and day, and stripped of modern-day resources, Brynn, a tough deputy with a difficult past, and Michelle, a pampered city girl, must overcome their natural reluctance to trust each other and learn to use their wits and courage to survive the relentless pursuit. The deputy's disappearance spurs both her troubled son and her new husband into action, while the incident sets in motion Brynn's loyal fellow deputies and elements from Milwaukee's underside. These various forces race along inexorably toward the novel's gritty and stunning conclusion.

The Bodies Left Behind is an epic cat-and-mouse chase, told nearly in real-time, and is filled with Deaver's patented twists and turns, where nothing is what it seems, and death lingers just around the next curve on a deserted path deep in the midnight forest.
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Really liked the story. It's not often I'm surprised as much as I was in this book. Narrator was good but I didn't like the way in conversations that one speaker was louder than another. It makes finding the right volume difficult when wearing earbuds.

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Unbelievable...moves from murder to chase with poor judgement, encounters with evil criminals and really bad decisions by central characters under the guise of being "above the fray"...simply put: not up to Deaver's normal talent!

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This was an action packed story. Twice I thought the stories was coming to an end but no the deputy sheriff women is into more danger. Went around the block a few time just to keep listening to the story. It has been a while since I read such a nail biting book. Deaver did a good job and the reader was excellent.

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