Bogus Business Unlimited

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
1 hour 10 minutes
YIKES! Ever heard of a green fashion and beauty monster, Wicked Witch of All things East, who lives at the end of The Great Rainbow? Who flies a turbo broomstick with a sidecar and who hasn't passed her broomstick test? Well, believe it or not, unfortunately there is one of those that exists. By the name of Verruca. And that isn't the same thing as on your foot, though she has a similar ouchy affect on anyone who goes near her, sort of contagious. She has even managed to worm herself into dizzy heights of Director of Bogus Business, a Division of Maggoty Grub Apples Incorporated. Rotten at it's core, and run by a virus, yup, that's what I said, Virus, who is CEO, shall we say a few slices short of a full apple pie, runs the rickety corporation.

Open for business, and when I say open, I mean open to anything on the crookometer scale, Sir Virus Twonk sends the Witch and her crew off on a mission on the Blue Line of The Great Rainbow to look at dealing in some stolen wares in the hands of a robbing cabbage. Things are going reasonably well, by Bogus team standards, until they are captured by winkle pirates who want gold, who want 'tweasure'. As she tries to claw out of this mess, they soon discover their business purchase isn't all it seems. GURGLE. RUMBLE. GUSH! Looks like they're in another stinky mess.
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