The Book of Belonging: Bible Stories for Kind and Contemplative Kids

The Book of Belonging: Bible Stories for Kind and Contemplative Kids

Written by:
Mariko Clark
Narrated by:
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2024
4 hours 0 minutes
A beautifully illustrated Bible storybook to help the next generation of kids understand the rich diversity of God’s people, emphasizing identity, contemplation, and wonder.

The Book of Belonging is designed for families seeking a Bible storybook that reflects the diversity of God’s people and for every reader seeking a more expansive and wondrous view of God. The thoughtful text and rich illustrations present some of Scripture’s most important and overlooked stories—including many female-centered ones—alongside old favorites reimagined to convey greater inclusivity, diversity, and historical representation. 

Through narratives, mindful practices, and guided wonder moments, children and grown-ups alike will learn who God is and be reminded over and over that God tells each of us, “You are Beloved, you Belong, and you are Delightful.” Because when it comes to the love of God, everyone belongs.

The Book of Belonging features

• Forty-two Bible stories: twenty from the Old Testament, twenty-two from the New Testament
• Rich, vibrant illustrations on every page, showcasing a variety of body shapes, ages, abilities, and skin colors
• Historically accurate depictions of Jesus and God’s people, including original Hebrew and Greek names
• Lifelong lessons that make it a perfect gift!
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